Sunday, March 04, 2007

Adelaide film festival & AIDC

Thursday 22 of February
I arrived totally bombed out after the long journey. I had hoped for an easy start, but Joan Morselt and Joost den Hartog from AIDC, Australian International Documentary Conference informed me about me first job: To tutor Australian collegues about to have a series of individual pitches of their projects at the MEET MARKET. I have now idea if I said anything of use, I have no memories. The good thing was that I quite soon got to know a lot of people.
Big party at the Town Hall. Many new faces. Too many, maybe. Or was I tired?

23 of February

It’s strange to travel to the other side of the world and end up in a Hilton lobby. Quite sad to be honest, but the Adelaide Hilton is a perfect place for a meeting like AIDC. Many workshops running at the same time, and a huge area for informal meetings. I meet friends and collegues. Rudy Butignol from TV Ontario who once commisioned my film “The Socialist, the Architect and the Twisted Tower”. Early believers in your films are friends for ever. Kevin Dawson from RTE, and early supporter of Belfast Girls, also hung around the lobby. Cynthia Kane supported “An ordinary family” when she worked at Sundance Channel, now she is moving to San Franscisco to work for ITVS . She represented IVS together with Claire Aguilar. Claire and Cynthia are real filmmakers friends.
I also met Debra Zimmerman from Woman Makes Movies in New York, Bruni Burres from Human Rights Watch and Sundance Institute and Barbara Truyen from FilmsTransit.

24 of February

Documart they call the pitching-Forum down here. I was pitching our Argentinian-Chilean-Swedish-Danish co-productiuon “Final Image.”. I had no expectations but the interest was big and real. Everybody told me that I did the pitch of the day. I had several meetings with BBC, CBC, SBS, Sundance. ITVS, YLE and I think this can end really well. But since there’s no contract signed I stay with the positive vibes. I felt welcome.
Debra Zimmerman interviewed me about my filmmaking at Hilton. I threw tickets to the screening of WG films into a little quiz. We got some good laughs.
First Screening of “The Socialist, the Architect and The Twisted Tower”. Lot of people and a Q & A that sweet Adele Hann from the festival had to stop. A delegation from the little Swedish Community of Adelaide showed up. Very sweet. Also the Swedish Embassy to Australia was there. I felt important. Wow.

25 of February

Follow up meetings at the conference. All day. No pitching without follow up and it takes a lot of time. Waiting for meetings, some of them useless. But when suddenly the unexpected happends and the interest from Clarie Aguilar and ITVS really made my day.
A full day of meetings in the Hilton Lobby. Strange life!

26 of February

A few meetings and then off to the second screening of “The socialist...” Again a big and interested audience. The kick of day was that Simpsons co-writer Mike Reiss attended. And he liked the film. Now my Simpson-loving son Ebbe will think I’m cool. I also hope that Calatrava one day shows up in Simpsons. He would fit perfectly.
Afternoon at Henley beach.
Night and AIDC closing party at the Adelaide Bowling Club. Drinking and dancing, most people in a happy after-pitch mode. The best way to be. The stress is out. Let’s dance.

27 of February

Today I became a real film director. The festival took us for an excursion. One Swede, three Russians, two Hong Kong girls and one French-German film critic. Great fun. A beautiful beach, a vinyard and then we all got to hug a Koala.
Evening and the first screening of Thin Ice. The film works so well, also in a hot country. Dolkar and her friends inspire people to fight and follow their destiny.

28 of February

My last day down under was combined shopping and enjoying life on the beach with Debra, Joost, Joan and others. The beach looked great in the sunset. I nice last memory of Australia. I’ll be back one day.


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