Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Belfast Girls

Feel fre to ask questions in the blog, the director and producer will answer them for you!

Malin Andersson will also keep you updated on whats happening to Belfast Girls.

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Blogger Gerry Quinn said...

The film Belfast Girls is a finely crafted piece of documentary journalism.
Made by Malin Andersaon,a talented young Swedish Director, the film takes an intriguing look into the lives and struggle of two young women on either side of the sectarian divide in Belfast.
Through the keen eye of Anderson,herself a modern young European woman,we see into the lives and choices that girls face in this divided society.
At one level, the film is a testament to the spirit of Mairead and Christine in dealing with the narrow - mindedness that has been thrust upon them.
At another level, the film is a devastating commentary on the consequenses of failed British interference in Ireland.
Ms. Anderson has created a work that will be broadcast throught Europe and reminds us all that the sectariansism that is N.Ireland no longer has any place in a modern European Society.
Gerry Quinn

Blogger Malin Andersson said...

Thanks Gerry,
it´s very encouraging to hear your comments on Belfast Girls.
I know you have so many years of experience at BBC behind you and have seen much of what´s been made about the North of Ireland, and also as a person living in the North with all that means; You know the craic.

I´m happy if the film works on different levels, as an honest comment on the sectarianism that Belfast still very much consists of as well as shining light on the fact that today´s up and coming generation are left to their own devices when it comes to meeting across the divide, and bridging the gap between the two communities.
Something that is a must for the future! And today, about to enter 2007, N.Irelands´ politicans continue to completely let their communities down.

I´m very inspired to take Belfast Girls to Ireland, to screen it and let people in Belfast and elsewhere see it, to have discussions.
For hopefully letting the film have a life where it belongs - for it to maybe make a little difference -
- at least stirr up emotions,and and hopefully identification.

We can brainstorm possibilities for screenings in the North over a cup of tea in Newry! (or glass of Rioja..)
Best wishes Gerry, and thanks for blogging!

Blogger Salman said...

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Blogger willem said...

Beautiful documentary ...but I lived there in the Ardoyne and walked from 1 street into another without any problems and fears...I am not going to say it is in the mind but thre is a modern Belfast

http://www.culturenorthernireland.org/article.aspx?articleID=2489 or

yes there mine but stay positive everybody



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