Monday, December 04, 2006

On Thin Ice in Amsterdam

Back again after some intense days in Amsterdam. Meeting new and old friends, and a lot of (for us) important people. As we had Thin Ice, by Håkan Berhtas, in the Silver Wolf Competition we looked good. You always feel better if you have a film in competition. Even if you know that many good films are not selected. I strongly think that Belfast Girls, by Malin Andersson, should have played very well in the First Appearence Competition. But anyway a good film will get more chances. Malin Andersson and I had a constructive meeting with Debra Zimmerman from Woman Makes Movies in New York and the great people from other distributor Films Transit. So from now on Woman Makes Movies will represent Belfast Girls in US. That's great.
The audience really loved Thin Ice and the crowd clapped with music in the end. For a long time we were in top 5 in the audience award. It's a lovely film, and now it will travel. Many festivals and TV-stations will take the film.
Margarete Jangård and producer at WG film like myself, spend three busy days at the Forum. We met with all the commisioning editors from the films we do and we also pitched some new projects. It's good to be in Amsterdam, but extremely exhausting.
Now we concentrate on the homework. Next time we'll meet in Barcelona, Thessaloniki or maybe at the Australian Documentary Conference in Adelaide in February. I'll be there.


Blogger Joost said...


I saw this documentary on the Dutch television and loved it! It really dragged me into their situation! Well done.
I also really like the song, if I am correct it is called Choco Nyerang by Tashi Chospel.

I really want to download or purchase that song, but I can not find it. Do you know a site/place?


Blogger Crane said...

Last weekend I attended the Himalaya film festival in the Netherlands where I watched (for the 2nd time, since it was on Dutch television already a couple of months ago) the magnificent film "Thin Ice". Even more than on television it brought tears to my eyes. Wow!

I also had the chance to meet Tanzin Dolkar and her friend Thinlas Chorol. They were both very moved by the film itself and the very positive and overwhelming reaction of the audience. Tanzin was even in tears right after the film.
Tanzin and I talked about a number of things (the movie, the making of it, the ice-ring-to-be (worked stopped since the troops got other assignments), ambition, goals in life etc.).
But one thing I couldn't find out is "the song", not even on the internet. I really like the song that is featured in the film regularly. As a reference: the girls e.g. sing it along in the bus back from the tournament to Leh. The song is sung by a lady.

What I could understand from Tanzin it is called "Tashi Chospal" and sang by "Chocho Nyeranga". Or the other way around :)
But looking for either title or artist did not result in any answer regarding song and availability. I also couldn't not find any reference to it on your internet page (or perhaps I didn't see it?).
So I turn to you for information. Could you please help me?

- Can you please post here the correct spelling of the title of the song and the artist? So I can have another try looking for it on the internet.
- Is the soundtrack or specifically this song somewhere available? Can I order it somewhere in India or wherever in the world.
- it would also help if you could place the song in streaming video on your homepage. I could at least listen to it. That will bring back very nice memories.

Thank you very much for your help.
And again my compliments to Hakan Berthas for giving us such a beautiful film and with it insight in these girls lives and culture. Thank you.

Kind greetings,


Blogger Carolina Falk said...

Dear Crane,
Right now I´m with Stanzin Dolkar and Thinlas Chorol in Lindesberg in Sweden. Today they´ve been on the ice with the swedish national women team. It was a fantastik experience! They went from Amsterdam to Stockholm, went to the Globe, saw Sweden best Finland with 1-0, then went by train to Örebro and from there to Lindesberg where they will be for the rest of the week to play hockey.
The musicians name is Tashi Chospel, the song is "Choco Nyerang". U haven´t managed to find it on the internet but we have contact with Tashi. The music is so far only available on cassettes but we´re working hard to solve that.

Blogger rodo said...

Regarding the song Choc Nyerang: take a look at this link

Blogger WG FILM said...

Hi Rodo

Yes. The song is out on the WG film website now!!



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