Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thin Ice

Do you have any questions about Thin Ice? - The director and producer will answer them for you, right here in the Blog!

For now, check WG Film, the archive and the Thin Ice page for news.


Blogger Crane said...

Last weekend I attended the Himalaya film festival in the Netherlands where I watched (for the 2nd time, since it was on Dutch television already a couple of months ago) the magnificent film "Thin Ice". Even more than on television it brought tears to my eyes. Wow!

I also had the chance to meet Tanzin Dolkar and her friend Thinlas Chorol. They were both very moved by the film itself and the very positive and overwhelming reaction of the audience. Tanzin was even in tears right after the film.
Tanzin and I talked about a number of things (the movie, the making of it, the ice-ring-to-be (worked stopped since the troops got other assignments), ambition, goals in life etc.).
But one thing I couldn't find out is "the song", not even on the internet. I really like the song that is featured in the film regularly. As a reference: the girls e.g. sing it along in the bus back from the tournament to Leh. The song is sung by a lady.

What I could understand from Tanzin it is called "Tashi Chospal" and sang by "Chocho Nyeranga". Or the other way around :)
But looking for either title or artist did not result in any answer regarding song and availability. I also couldn't not find any reference to it on your internet page (or perhaps I didn't see it?).
So I turn to you for information. Could you please help me?

- Can you please post here the correct spelling of the title of the song and the artist? So I can have another try looking for it on the internet.
- Is the soundtrack or specifically this song somewhere available? Can I order it somewhere in India or wherever in the world.
- it would also help if you could place the song in streaming video on your homepage. I could at least listen to it. That will bring back very nice memories.

Thank you very much for your help.
And again my compliments to Hakan Berthas for giving us such a beautiful film and with it insight in these girls lives and culture. Thank you.

Kind greetings,


Blogger Boris said...

Hi Crane,

same wish, same problem;
Can't find the CD.
Title is I think Sungskat.
See http://blogs.bootsnall.com/mbsloney/?p=41#comments

Blogger The Oracle said...

enjoy the song choco nyerang online
> http://wgfilm.se/site/wgfilm/mp3player/wgradio.html

Blogger WG FILM said...


Yes. Now the song is up on our page. I am so sorry I did not reply to oyou eariler.

There is also a picture of Tashi Chospel on our front page.

Best regards,
Martin Thorbjörnsson

Blogger WG FILM said...

But Tashi's music is not available on cd, I am sorry to say. We have been able to get a cassete tape of the music send to us from him.


Blogger Sara said...

Hi - we in New York got the chance to see "Thin Ice" this weekend in a perfect venue, the Rubin Museum (of Himalayan Art). Lovely movie, was so glad to be able to show it to my 13 year old daughter, who plays ice hockey; she is lucky enough that she hasn't had to fight for the right to skate, but she is smart enough to understand and admire Dolkar and what she has accomplished so far. We were both very moved by Dolkar's observation that she would only have half a life if she had to give up sport. My daughter asked if you had more information about the other teams in the women's tournement - perhaps they have inspiring stories as well?
Sincerely - Sara Fischer, New York

Blogger WG FILM said...

Hello Sara!
It is wonderfull to hear your reactions on Thin Ice. We all have our fights dont we. Seeing Dolkar fight so hard for being allowed to play her favourite sporta always gets me inspired to fight for what I want. I dont personally have much information about the other teams. But you could email the director Håkan Berthas at hakan.berthas@gmail.com and ask him.

Best regards,

Blogger Danielle said...


I loved the film! I reviewed and compared it to Zanzibar Soccer Queens for my class called sport, film and society. I borrowed it from my professor and problem is that I lost it. Any advice on how I can buy it from Toronto Canada on a student budget? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Blogger threeonice said...

Like Danielle, I too would love to purchase a copy of this DVD. I live in the U.S. Any ideas on how to purchase it here or in Canada? My 19 year old son just spent two weeks in Ladakh and volunteered at SECMOL and absolutely loved everyone there. Our town has even collected hockey equipment that they have given to SECMOL. Our family loves hockey and it sounds like a great film. Please make this film available for purchase easily in the US or Canada!

Blogger Fredrik Gertten said...

Dear lovers of Thin Ice. The film can be bought through the WG film web shop. In the US and Canada the film is released only as educational via Cinema Guild in NYC. Call them and beg them to sell you a copy at a lower prize. Tell them that the producer is supporting this.



Blogger k550i said...

To what's going on Stanzin Dolkar?

Blogger lee said...

i saw this film last night ( i live in the uk) 20th feb 2010..and the song CHOCO NYERANG is amamzing!!!...tried to find it on youtube but its not there...cant beleive this song hasnt been released for sale yet, it would deffo do well, please try and upload the song to youtube, many thanks lee from surrey england uk.

Blogger Emma said...

Hi Lee!
The song is avaliable in our WG Radio located on our homepage.
In the top right corner there is a player!

Blogger TimoAR said...

Hello. From Finland.
Dolkar is in here, Finland, this week only. She is studying icehockey leadership in Vierumäki. I go to see her today or tomorrow and i give her small stipend to use for her needs.She is representing India.
If you like to follw hers steps more, google "Tanzin Dolkar". So take S off her last name.
I think she is wonderfull in "Thin ice".

Blogger TimoAR said...

Oh boy. Stanzin Dolkar and Tanzin Dolkar are different peoples.
I did meet Stanzin D and her friend Simrita Sahney in Vierumäki. My son weas there too.They vere wonderfull to look and talk, so smart peoples and openminded. We were talking about politics and ice hockey and weather and of course about to movie too.
Dolkar gave me pair of socks made by her mother. She was so much like in the movie, naturall and humble person. I admire her much. Hope there is good future to her and i want to go to Ladakh and delhi to meet them both.


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