Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An Ordinary Family

An Ordinary Family have been screened all around the world and is still going strong. Fredrik Gertten will answer your questions here here in the blog.


Blogger mnvalente said...

Hi, I just watched your film on Odisseia/Odissea channel and it was a wonderful experience. It isn't easy to find on tv this kind of care and tenderness you put into telling this family's story. Thanks!

I would like to know if you have kept in touch with the Borroni family, and if they are all doing well.


Blogger Fredrik Gertten said...

Hi Mario, yes I do talk to the Borronis once in a while. They are doing well in the same way as in the film. Fighting with pedicure and at the markets. The kids do well at school and universities. Maria's only worry no is that little Martin now 13 is 1.85 metres tall and size 45 in shoes. A big boy!
Tomorrow I leave for Tui in Galicia, on the border to Portugal. The film will open the Play Doc-festival. I'm looking forward to that.

Blogger mnvalente said...

Thanks Fredrik, I am sure your film will be appreciated by the spanish audience.

Tui is a very nice small town. If you have some free time, please visit Porto (my hometown) which is also a nice place.

I am sure the Borroni's will succeed in their new life.

Blogger Fredrik Gertten said...

Yesterday the film screened in Tui. The film opened the festival so there was lots of people, several Argentinians. Afterwords I recieved hugs and shared tears. It's a great feeling to meet the audience of a film you've been fighting with for a long time.
Galicia looks great, I will go for a walk. And Portugal is just across the river. I'll take a walk to your country, for a cup of coffee. The Spanish says that the portuguese coffee is much better.

Blogger Ajay said...

It is a wonderful movie. I hired it from Katrineholm Library, Sweden.
What I liked was that it was candid and did not force any ideological interpretations on the viewer. Concealing cinematography was quite fitting to the theme.

Blogger Fredrik Gertten said...

Thanks Ajay. When the system cracks ordinary people will always loose. If you loose your house it's gone forever.
But I can tell you that the Borroni family is doing well in Spain.

Blogger tejedora solitaria said...

hola .conocimos a la familia de maria de los angeles durante el duro periodo que fue "el corralito en la argentina" .al igual que ellos gracias al trueque superamos ese terrible momento .si usted esta en contacto con la familia, desde Buenos Aires-La Plata-Jorge Dominguez y familia ,les envían sus saludos .esperando algún día poder ponernos en contacto con ellos .


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